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Tips to remove blackheads from the nose


Every time when you stand in front of the mirror, you can point out some minute black dots popping on the top of your nose. Despite pricking that with your nails, it simply remain as it is. Therefore, it seems it is hard to get rid of that. Well instead of fighting with your fingers, it is time to take care of the blackheads by rescheduling your routine. Just follow the below mentioned tips to remove blackheads from the nose.

Exfoliate the nose:

A routine exfoliation is very necessary to get rid of blackheads. Simply get a good exfoliator rub gently with your fingertips and create a lather. Then use a soft towel to remove the blackheads. Else you can prepare a blackhead removing mask at home like using baking soda with apple vinegar.

UseĀ  clay:

As you know that secretion of sebum attracts dirt to the face. As a result of the nose to fall prey to it. Now in order to get rid of that, you can stick to clay masks, either you can use the bentonite or else the white clay. Simply make a paste and apply it on the nose tip. The best would be the white clay as it is mild in nature. Therefore as you put that it delicately pulls out the dirt and does not dry out the portion as well. You can also include this in the lists of the mild exfoliator as well.

  • Go for egg whites:

Another simple yet fruitful remedy to reduce blackheads is none other than using the egg whites. Now egg whites an immediate solution to stop the excess secretion of the sebum. In addition to that, it fights to shrink the open pores which actually leads to blackheads. therefore use the egg white in two years and leave it as it is for fifteen minutes. Thereafter simply wash it off with lukewarm water.

Home made toners for blackheads:

The next thing that you can add to the list by making a homemade toner. Simply use green tea with pure rose water to create a mixture. It repairs the skin cells and tightens the pores at the same time. Not only add it also balances the ph level of the facial skin as well.

Thus, these are some of the notable tips to remove blackheads from the nose.




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