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Tips to fight with open pores on face

The magnifying view of the skin will let you come across some tiny dots mostly around the cheek area, they cluster in and around the nose area. They are nothing but open pores. It really looks weird on the skin. Definitely, you are always on your toes to conceal those pores. But somehow the techniques do not turn out much fruitful. To get a foolproof result, we will share some tips on how to fight with open pores on face.

Use salicylic acid:

When it comes to open pores, you are ready to break any ceiling. In this context, you should start off taking care of those pores with salicylic based creams. This type of cream actually challenges the excessive secretion of the sebum. This is an essential step to reduce the open pores.

Retinol based creams:

You can even put some retinol based cream handy. These creams are quite effective to slow down the process of aging. Well, open pores can be a reason for aging. The best thing about this ingredient is that it smoothly penetrates the skin and actively boosts the collagen. It reduces the oil secretion from the skin. Additionally enhances the tone and elasticity of the skin. Finally, it is an active healer for the open pores.

Home made solutions:

In the category of home made remedies, the first tried and tested is none but simple sandalwood paste. You can either apply the sandalwood powder or else make a paste out from the sandal wood stick. It is a staple ingredient for the oily skin recipients. Now once you apply it controls the oil secretion from the sebaceous gland. Definitely, it endeavors to check the cause which is responsible for open pores. Additionally, its anti bacterial properties cure any type of skin issues like acne or scars.

Moisturizing is a must:

You should certainly moisturize the skin because you need to keep your skin hydrated no matter how much oily skin you do have. This is because routine moisturization will tend to shrink the pores. But do make sure to follow the moisturization routine in the night as well because this is the vital time when your skin goes through a complete recovery process.

These are some of the must to follow steps that you should do to fight open pores on face.

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