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Important signs of a combination skin


Mostly you have heard people complaining about dry skin or oily skin. But there are who actually fight both dry and oily subsequently which results into combination skin type. In this regard know that the combination skin type is caused when there is sudden temperature change like in hot summer the t zone gets oily while the rest of the face remain normal. While winter the cheeks get dry and white flakes appear.  Therefore these are the usual features. Apart from that go through the low down points to know about the important signs of combination skin.



  • Moisturisation impact



People with combination skin suffers from a dilemma when it comes to product usage. For instance if you pick a moisturiser which is designed for normal skin and apply the same on your cheeks it feels good but somehow the same moisturizers creates a thick oily carpet on your t zone. Therefore use something oil free moisturiser on your skin.



  • Pores on the nose is bigger



This  is one of the visible signs of combination skin that the pores on the tip of your nose are tend to be bigger than the facial pores on your cheek. But as a solution you can use products contains alpha hydroxy acid. Well this is one of the important signs of a combination skin.



  • A dry skin but having pimples



I have literally faced the problem as I have seen that during the winters my cheek is dry but somehow tiny bumps get popped on my face as acne. Well as a solution I chose to have anti oily masks.



  • Oil returns after washing face



Under this caption I have to tell you about one thing that whenever I do wash my face with any kind of mild cleanser. Just after a couple of minutes I find that my face turns oily just like before especially the t zone seems oily while the rest of my face is a bit dry.



  • Dandruff can be a sign



Honestly i have seen that people with complete oily skin have a tendency to get acne because of dandruff. But in combination skin dandruff is also a notable sign as well. As a remedy use anti dandruff shampoo twice in a week.



  • T zone gets oily than the other portion



I have seen that whenever I’m out in the sun my T zone is oiler than the rest. And moreover it tends to look glittery as well.


Well the above said are some of the important signs of a combination skin.


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