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Best quick dry nail polish brands in Kolkata

Nail polish is one such beauty product that you can never omit from your list. In fact a tone of nail paint in any color can seriously add a definition to your nails. No matter what type of nails it is whether big or small certainly a nail polish can make it look outstanding.But at times that happens that once you apply nail polish it takes minutes to dry up. Therefore today will talk about some of the best quick dry nail polish brands in Kolkata.



  • Maybelline


The first name that rules out the list is none other than Maybelline. As we are talking about Maybelline therefore it is vital to highlight that the brush is designed superbly so no extra nail polish remains after a single application. Other than that it’s free of toluene, DBP and formaldehyde. Moreover it is anti chip and gives a fiber matte texture.



  • Essence colour and go


The next brand that occupies the limelight is none than Essence colour and go. Besides offering eye catching nail colours it does not fail to awe you with its quick dry formula as well. But at the same time offers a gel shiny effect on the skin as well.Other than the easy to use brush has even strands so that you can apply the strokes uniformly without messing the nails.



  • Revlon



One more avante garde brand called Revlon adds its merit to the list of the quick dry nail polish brands in Kolkata. First of all it is vital to highlight that it consists of acrylic and plasticizer polymer which makes it tolerant to Ultraviolet rays.Apart from that the comprehensive vitamin E oil takes a complete care of your nails. Compared to all other brands Revlon claims to dry up nail paint in only thirty seconds. But at the same time it leaves a shiny effect on the nails as well.



  • Miss claire nail polish


Last but not the least this is again one of the best quick dry nail polish. It is anti chip therefore dries in an instant. At the same time it offers a smooth and even finish to the nails. Honestly this nail polish is a perfect on the go collection.


Therefore the above stated are some of the best quick dry nail polish brands in Kolkata.

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