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Best hand creams for dry skin




Household chores are important and you have to participate by all means. However, the problem is you end up with chapped, cracked hands. It really looks so weird and you intentionally try to hide that. Therefore now it is time to take care of your lovely hands. And for that, you have to keep the hands moisturized always. For that, you can take a look at the best hand creams for dry skin. 


  • Khadi milk and saffron herbal hand cream



The products from khadi are purely prepared from natural ingredients like milk and saffron. Certainly it is a perfect choice of cream especially for people with dry and rough hands. Well, it is not loaded with SPF, therefore, it is better to use in the night itself. The best thing is that it perfectly

softens and moisturizes the cuticle line of the nails.And you will definitely see the result once you use it regularly.


  • Himalaya Age-defying hand cream


For people with dry hands can readily use this cream as it has ingredients like cocoa butter, woodfordya, ginger lily etc. All these are responsible for giving you soft and nourished hands. Definitely, it helps to offer a rejuvenated skin again it easily gets absorbed in the skin as well. Just remember you can use the skin during the daytime as well because it gives protection from sun rays. But one thing as dry skin is more prone to wrinkles, therefore, this hand cream helps to fight that easily as well.



  • Kama Ayurveda hand cream



First of all when you take the cream in your hand just go through the listed ingredients below like coconut and almond deeply nourishes the skin. In addition to that, kokum, cocoa butter, add smoothness to the hands. The best part is that aloe vera is also present which is responsible for treating any kind of fungal infection on the hands. Therefore this thick cream is a certain must have for dry skin. Now coming to its fragrance that is also quite refreshing as well.



  • Aveeno intense relief hand cream



My last pick would be the hand cream from Aveeno, undoubtedly a true hand cream with ultimate moisturization impact. It keeps your hand too soft and the moisture is not lost even after a single wash. Moreover, it is prepared with oatmeal which tends to hydrate super dry hands. Other than that it is free of steroid and does not have any smell at all as well.


Thus these are the best hand creams for dry skin.


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