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Best foot creams in India



Beautiful feet can really make someone fall in love with you. But nowadays hardly you get that because of pollution and sun rays. In fact, you end up getting a cracked foot with tans all over on top. Honestly, it looks so weird that simply you feel like replacing with a new foot. Well instead of thinking so much take out time to care your feet with proper moisturiser based foot creams. In this context, will highlight on best foot creams in India.



  • Vaadi herbal foot cream



As you know that your feet undergo too much hectic all throughout the day, therefore, you need to make sure that is free of germ. For that, the foot cream from Vaadi herbal is the ultimate one to choose. This is because it has clove oil which keeps germs at bay. In addition, cocoa butter hydrates the feet. Lastly, the sandalwood oil gives a cooling impact on the feet.



  • Himalaya foot cream



Are you suffering from rough and cracked feet? Then the Himalayan foot cream is the perfect buy. It is a comprehensive cream that moisturises the feet, protects from infection. Additionally, it gives a relief to the feet as it suffers from foot boils or ulcers. The best is that it has amazing ingredients like the fenugreek, ginger, sal tree, honey etc which altogether offer you the best.



  • Kama foot cream



Welcome to the world of Kama ayurvedic. Just like all other Kama products the foot cream is also prepared organically. It is enriched with ingredients like kokum butter, shea butter and other products like lemon essential oils along with verbena. All these together promise a moisturized, soft foot which gets rejuvenated on the regular application.



  • Biotique Costus Foot Massage Cream



If you are actually tired of dry foot problem then this particular foot cream comes to relieve you. It has main components like saffron, dandelion which are vital in restoring the hydration of your foot. Moreover, you can particularly use this during winter time. Thus besides softening cracked heels regular message will boost blood circulation as well.


Thus, these are the top and best foot creams in India.


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