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Best alcohol-free toners for combonation skin




As we have discussed in many topics regarding combination skin and their very traits. Therefore by now, you have a precise idea of how it behaves with wrong products. But just like all other skin types, it needs daily care and when it comes to daily care I suggest to have cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. But in this case, you have to incorporate products which are basically for combination skin. However today we will give some hint on toners for combination skin. Most importantly I will recommend you to have alcohol-free toners for combination skin so that your skin texture is not hampered.



  • Lotus Herbal Basiltone Cucumber & Basil Clarifying & Balancing Toner



The first line of toner that is recommended for combination skin is this toner from Lotus herbal. An amazing toner with the goodness of basil and cucumber. It precisely extracts pollution and dirt from your face. The best thing is that it keeps up the ph balance of the skin. In addition to that keeps the skin soft by restoring the hydration level of the skin. At the same time helps to shrink pores as well.



  • Kama Ayurveda pure rose water



This particular natural toner from Kama Ayurveda is made from roses picked from Kannauj region. It undergoes a process of steam distillation assuring the purity of the product. The best is that it keeps the ph level intact. In addition to that, it offers mild hydration. But keeps the oil secretion in check and takes care of the pores as well.



  • Himalaya Herbals refreshing and clarifying toner



The first notable quality of this toner is that it controls the secretion of oil. Now as it is made from organic ingredients it plays a good role in revitalizing the skin.Moreover keeps the skin pores reduced. The best thing is that after using it you won’t feel that your skin is getting drier.



  • Fab India tea tree skin toner



In order to enlighten you on the product, I will start right with the present ingredients like tea tree oil, neem, turmeric, neem leaf, salicylic acid etc. Collectively these ingredients keep the skin free of sebum. Besides clearing the skin of blemishes it adds a shine to the skin as well.


Thus these are best alcohol-free toners for combination skin.


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