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5 best signs that tell you have really oily skin


Oily skin is indeed a dilemma for oily skin recipients. And teenage is the most striking age indeed when you often get a face cropped with acne. The more you prick they crop up more often and make your face into a scary one. Indeed you try a lot to find the causes but have you ever attempted to find out whether you have really oily skin or not. Therefore,here will warn you about some signs that will tell you have really oily skin.


  • Pores large in and around T zone


You will possibly see that the areas on top and in and around nose have larger pores. Most they are filled with blackheads or at times whiteheads. This also shows the problem of clogged pores as well.


  • Face turns out shiny after cleansing


This is one of the common problems often faced by oily skin recipients that after a day out when you are back you possibly wash your face with a cleanser. But after a short period the skin gets shiny again. Actually the skin pH balance gets a bit disturbed and because of that more oil is produced.


  • It’s genetic impact


This piece of information might be u youseful to you especially when you get to know that oily skin comes through gene. Yes definitely there is someone in your family or may be any one of your parents from whom you got the same type of skin.


  • Acne is the result


If you have really oily skin then honestly you will discover after a short while that acne becomes a part of your daily life. Just note that oily skin is due to production of sebum which results into blocked pores and because of that you get small white pus or cysts called acne on your face.


  • Make up does not stay long


Many times I have heard from people who after make up they need to follow touch ups. Really that is very depressing especially when you have a long party to attend. Well girls it again shows that you have oily skin which does not allow to lock the make up.

Hope you all got that these are five essential signs that tell you have really oily skin.

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