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4 good reasons for using skin toners



Whenever I searched for daily skin care regime often I came into a written rule that I have to cleanse, tone and moisturize. Now the point is I honestly supported cleansing and moisturizing but every time missed out the step toning. But lately, I came to know toning holds equal importance especially when you have an oily face like mine. Therefore today will get to know about reasons for using skin toners.



  • Skin ph balance maintained



Just note that the moment you cleanse your face it disbalances the acidic nature of the skin and turns into alkaline. And that somehow disrupts the normal ph level of the skin. Therefore using toner helps the skin to restore its ph level varying normally between five to six.



  • Reduce pore size


For those with oily skin often suffer from excess sebum secretion. And because of which the pores on your face tend to look bigger. Now while you use toner it begins to firm up the pores and reduce the size. Moreover blocks the pores so no dirt can infiltrate through it.



  • Provides hydration



While searching for toners where you may come across some which consist of humectants. This means it is capable of locking the moisture of your skin. On the whole, it both cleans and hydrate at the same time.



  • Fights break out on oily skin



One thing I have seriously noticed that summer is an official threat to acne prone skin. As too much oil secretion along with perspiration, it creates a dirty patch on your skin. And slowly that tends to penetrate the pores. Therefore one has to seriously give a break to this by allowing the skin a deep toning process. In this context note that skin toner can prevent that very easily.


Thus these are the four good reasons for using skin toners.


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