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4 best oily skin remedies


You have heard of sebaceous gland which secretes sebum. And this particular secretion results into oily skin. Honestly oily skin is at times unmanageable especially you have to ensure that you maintain it properly to prevent any kind of acne or pimples which are common to oily skin. Therefore today will unfold few oily skin remedies for home.


  • Sandalwood paste

The first and always recommended treatment for oily skin is sandalwood paste. When you have oily skin make sure that you keep the skin free of bacteria and germs. In that respect sandalwood works wonderfully as it is loaded with antibacterial properties capable of kicking off fungi and bacteria. Moreover its soothing nature gives a cooling sensation especially to the oily skin cropped with pimples.


  • Aloe Vera gel


If you look for an organic and truly herbal remedy for oily skin, then aloe vera honestly stands out. This is because it is anti inflammatory by nature which is again a good sign for fighting acne. Moreover it is one of the safest moisturiser for oily skin. As it won’t interfere with your skin sensitivity. And the best thing is that it moisturizes oily skin without blocking the pores.


  • Tree tea oil


As you know that oily skin is very much prone to breakouts therefore choosing tea tree oil as your next companion is indeed worth investing. It is known for microbial properties which are essential for treating the existing acnes. The featuring quality is that it is capable of penetrating deep into the sebaceous glands. And just like aloe vera it does not clog the pores.


  • Fuller’s earth

The first thing about fullers earth is that it naturally absorbs the additional oil from your face. And the best thing is that it maintains the ph balance of the skin perfectly. One more thing is that it won’t block the pores.


Thus these are the best oil skin remedies that you can try at home.


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