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4 best moisturisers for oily skin

Moisturisation is an essential part of your daily skin routine. But many of you who actually have very oily skin somehow cheat this moisturization part from their daily skincare regime. But honestly, you do need moisturisation to maintain the ph balance of your skin. And more thing proper moisturisation with right skin type moisturiser prevent the skin from getting oilier. Therefore get ready to know about the best moisturisers for oily skin.


  • Lacto calamine

The first recommended moisturiser for oily skin is none other than Lacto calamine. It has an ingredient called kaolin which pulls out the extra oil from your face thus giving a matte look that you can carry easily. The best thing is that its light and gets absorbed easily. But it does not clog the skin pores, therefore, it does not contribute to skin problems like acne.


  • Sebamed clear face care gel

Well for very oily skin this particular moisturiser based gel is just an amazing addition. It happens to be light on the skin and does not create a greasy film. Moreover its free of perfume, colours or parabens. As these ingredients tend to irritate oily skin.


  • Neutrogena oil free moisturiser

This moisturiser is a two in one moisturiser with SPF 15. Therefore you can wear it during the daytime as well. Moreover, you can even see that besides its easy absorbent formula it is free of perfume. The best thing is that you will love the consistency as its neither too thick nor too watery. Therefore you can safely use this as it will neither add shine nor lead to breakouts.


  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream

You can even choose to add this one to your regime. As it offers hydration for twenty-four hours. It’s formulated with shine-free formula and its non-greasy as well. Moreover, it consists of Cylindrica and Antarctica which sustains the moisturisation effect of the skin. In addition to that when applied it offers a cool sensation on the skin.


Thus these are the four best moisturisers for oily skin.


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