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Best facial kits for normal skin






People with normal skin are indeed lucky enough as they do not have to brood much about skin complications. They are far better than those having combination or oily skin as these skin types have to be mindful of each step they take. In this respect let’s discuss that facials are necessary for any skin type, but honestly, the later two combination or oily skin types have to again very choosy when it comes to facial kits. However, such constraints are not applicable for the normal skin recipients. Therefore, today will discuss few points on the 4 best facial kits for normal skin.



  • Diamond facial kit from VLCC



The diamond facial kit from VLCC is a great addition to your repertoire. Once you take a look at the ingredients you will come across one of the key elements like diamond bhasma basically obtained from heating of diamonds are clubbed with other herbs. As you apply definitely it brightens and polishes your skin, thus leaving a beautiful glow. The best is that it fights wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.


  1.  Anti-tan facial kit from VLCC


The anti tan facial kit from VLCC is something that every normal skin beauties should have in their beauty wallet. It is basically prepared with ingredients enriched with ayurvedic properties. Like it has oatmeal which is an incredible exfoliator easily peels off the dead skin. In addition to that, the presence of seaweeds and cucumber really keeps the skin revitalized.


  1. 24 karat gold facial kit from Shahnaz Hussain


The Shahnaz Hussain 24 karat gold facial kit is again a wonderful selection for normal skin. Just know that gold has some age reducing properties which makes you look younger. In addition to that, when combined with tulsi, neem, sandalwood, aloe vera it helps to restore the skin youthness to manifold. Moreover, it gives an instant spark to the skin.


4 . Vlcc papaya fruit facial kit


The first experience with the kit is that you will come across a set of packs which are like papaya scrub, cucumber gel, peach cream, orange tan pack. Now once you go through the listed ingredients of these mostly you will find papain, aloe vera extract which are good for removing dead cells but again revitalizing your skin. Certainly after using you will get a super soft skin. One more thing the outstanding smell of the green apple and the peach cream is again something that will attract you.


Thus these are the 4 best facial kits for normal skin.


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